Our warranty covers you for a lifetime! Most warranties will cover you for 30 days, six months, or one year maximum. You can purchase an unlimited lifetime warranty to exchange or replace your piece in case it gets damaged. For an amazingly low one time price of $29.50 per item, you can be covered.

This coverage is item specific. If you've purchased more than one piece, you must take the coverage out on each individual piece. This does not cover normal wear and tear or loss.

You can sign up for the Extended Limited Lifetime Warranty on On completion you will receive by email through auto-responder your confirmation code, which you will need for the future. There will be a shipping and handling fee applied at the time of replacement of $19.50 USA funds.

If by some chance the retail store you purchased your REVV's jewelry item has closed, there is Store Locator on to help you locate a store within your area. ©All Rights reserved 2015 REVV Site Developed & Maintained by Keyline