If a Titanium ring gets stuck on your finger, can it safely come off?

YES! A Titanium ring can be cut off and the finger will be safe. Because it is thicker, stronger, and harder than other metals in jewelry it will simply take twice as long to cut the ring off.

Can a Titanium ring be sized?

Yes, but not easily and only by a professional Titanium manufacturer. In addition, it can only be sized 1/2 to 1 size. For your convenience, REVV is offered in half sizes from 8.5 to 13.

Can a Titanium ring be engraved?

Yes, it can be engraved using most conventional engraving methods. Even though the engraving will not be as deep, it will outlast the engraving in any other metal used in jewelry.*

How should I clean and care for my Titanium jewelry?

With any non-abrasive soap or cleaner.

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