If a Tungsten ring gets stuck on your finger, can it safely come off?

YES! A Tungsten ring CAN be safely cut off even in the most extreme cases. Even though Tungsten is one of the hardest substances known to man, once cracked it becomes brittle. With a simple cut in the ring, it can be easily broken off.

Can a Tungsten ring be sized?

NO. Tungsten is too hard for most conventional jewelry tools. For your convenience, REVV is offered in 1/2 sizes from 5 to 13.

Can a Tungsten ring be engraved?

Yes, but it must be done with specialized engraving machinery. Because of Tungsten's strength, the machine must be able to penetrate the metal, but not too deep as this will make the metal brittle. Even though the engraving will not be deep, it is permanent and will not wear off like it does in other metals.*

How should I clean and care for my Tungsten jewelry?

The beauty of Tungsten is that is that it requires little care. Tungsten is scratch resistant, but if the ring has a finish to it, that finish could get micro scratches on it over time. In most cases, a toothbrush and a mild non-abrasive cleaner will return its luster. Do NOT leave in an ultrasonic cleaner for more than a minute.

Since the ring can't be sized, what happens if my finger grows or becomes smaller?

REVV comes with a lifetime sizing warranty and any ring can be traded out for a different size. All you will pay is the difference in cost at that point in time and $19.95 S&H.

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