Revv has robust features built specifically for marketing agencies

The fundraising platform with a feature set designed specifically for marketing and consulting agencies or multi-chapter organizations.

Manage all of your client fundraising efforts in one place.

Revv’s agency features allow you to manage all of your clients in one easy-to-use dashboard and give you full access to our nonprofit and political feature-sets. You can easily create new organizations for upcoming campaigns or new clients.

Revv has so many powerful agency features, and we work extremely closely with our agency partners – read about more below or:

Automatically take a cut.

Does your agency have an arrangement where you take a percentage of client fundraising or you use subcontractors who get paid by revenue splitting? Prospecting for clients with revenue splitting is usually a messy financial process. With Revv’s features, you can automatically take a specific cut by client, page or campaign effort.

Agency level integrations let you see the full picture.

Integrate our reporting with your agency dashboards and business intelligence tools. You can compare client efforts, use combined data to glean insight, and identify user trends with a much larger data pool.

Control of your agency data and reporting.

Start with customizable fields and columns and filter the data however you want. Set up automated reporting that can be emailed or uploaded to FTPs on a custom schedule. You can even pull a reconciliation report that shows your bank account payouts and the associated transactions.

Manage permissions and set access levels.

Set read-only or data partner access levels. Keep your client’s data safe and only give your third-party vendors what’s necessary with our various user levels.