Petition Pages

With Revv you can create beautiful custom petition pages and prefill donation pages with collected information.

Easily create custom petition pages and forms for your cause.

Revv’s easy to use platform allows your cause to create petition pages without any technical expertise. Add the common petition fields with a couple of clicks or custom fields, and branding options. Choose from a number of different layouts and form configurations. You can even use your own custom domain.

If the user is already a Revv Donor from any organization, they can sign your petition with one-click!

100% optimized for mobile and embeddable.

Revv’s petition pages are optimized for mobile conversions off the bat. Revv allows you to set different styling options for mobile devices, including different images and backgrounds and you can even embed them on your own sites. 

Redirect to donation pages with prefilled user data

Revv has options that allow you to take the user’s information filled into the petition or form and automatically fill out parts of the donation forms to make the process simpler for the user.

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