The Donation Platform That Integrates With Nationbuilder

Revv has the best Nationbuilder integration allowing your donations to be processed right on your nation and data is integrated seamlessly.

Process Revv Donations Directly On Your Nation.

Revv’s Nationbuilder integration is seamless and allows you to include beautiful forms that match your¬†nation in a couple of easy steps. The flow of data is seamless between the two platforms and your supporter profiles are automatically appended with any donation data.¬†Details about individual donors like whether they made a one time or recurring donation are passed to give you a richer picture of what motivates your supporters to take action.

Use aggregate donation data for insights and measurement.

Revv automatically passes any donations with a source code or UTM code value to your NationBuilder’s communications tab. We use the source code to populate the tracking code field in your Finances tab. This field populates the email slug in NationBuilder, allowing you to track Revv donations back to each email send.

You can use Revv’s field mapping tool within the Nationbuilder integration view to add any additional fields Revv passes through into your nation. Choose the field you would like to pass into your nation, and include the custom field name as you created it in NationBuilder.

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