SMS Reply To Donate

The quickest way for donors to give on mobile using peer to peer or blast text messages and secure Revv accounts.

Donors who have a Revv account can now reply to your text messages and donate seamlessly. Revv validates the donor and processes using their secure account without any effort! If they aren’t Revv account holders yet, you can set up a reply with an Apple Pay or Google Wallet enabled Revv link to allow them to process quickly.

Peer To Peer text messaging is the newest breakout direct response channel. Our integration with OpnSesame allows you to text supporters using P2P and have them process donations with Revv.

Use our integration with Iterable and upcoming integration with Tatango to set up sophisticated marketing flows using SMS shortcodes and get your supporters to give without filling out a form if they have Revv accounts!

SMS Launch Partners

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