Fundraising Page Builder

With Revv you can create beautiful custom fundraising and crowdfunding pages for your cause.

Easily create custom fundraising pages for your cause.

Revv’s easy to use platform allows your cause to create pages without any technical expertise. Add custom amounts, descriptions, custom fields, and branding options. Choose from a number of different layouts and form configurations. You can even use your own custom domain.

100% optimized for mobile.

Revv’s donation pages are optimized for mobile conversions off the bat. Revv allows you to set different styling options for mobile devices, including different images and backgrounds.

Designed with marketers in mind.

Revv gives you the option to decide how your pages will be displayed when shared on Facebook, Google, and Twitter.Add custom source codes and track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns using UTM parameters. Integrate Google Analytics, Tag Manager, or Optimizely to track and test your marketing campaigns.

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Revv One-Click Mobile Donations

One-Click Donations

Revv can automatically recognize users that have donated across any organizations using the platform. Your supporters can donate using a single click resulting in astronomically higher conversion rates. Revv has over 1 million one-click donors.

Upsell Your Donors

Our data shows 15% of your donors will accept an upsell, you just have to ask! With Revv you can easily ask your supporters to donate more, add a product, or make their donation recurring.

Revv Donation and Fundraising Dashboard

Marketing Automation

Revv’s easy-to-use dashboard and integrations allow you to automate many of the tasks associated with marketing, resulting in less work and higher rates of donor conversions and retention.

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