The Simplest Solution for Campaign & Nonprofit Merchandise Sales.

Start selling merch on a free storefront with no upfront investment, no risk, and a zero touch fulfillment process.

Send your designs and we handle the rest.


Send us your logos or design ideas and we’ll work with you to customize for on-demand efficiency.


Pick your line of products and we upload to the platform and generate your store.


Promote your store and items through your marketing channels! Add your products to your donation pages as upsells.


Revv’s fulfillment partners create the products as orders come in and ship to your donors quickly.

You’ll never think about merchandise the same way.

Gone are the days of purchasing in bulk and taking a risk on products that may not sell! Revv gives you the ability to sell on-demand merchandise with no upfront investment. This means products are made one at a time when they’re ordered.

Create your storefront with no complicated development or need to learn a separate platform. Our storefront has minimal distractions and is designed to speed up conversions.

There’s no need for you to manage orders – they all go directly to our merchandise partner who creates the products and ships within 7 business days on average. Your donors will receive tracking numbers and order updates directly to their inbox.

Our storefront is built on top of Revv’s donation platform. As orders come in they are fully integrated with the rest of our donations and reporting.

Your products can be added to donation pages or as “upsells” that ask your donors to purchase a product after they donate.

On-demand pricing model that’s dead simple.

EXAMPLE: USA Made Custom T-shirt

Sell at






USA made products

  • Embroidered Hats
  • Men’s & Women’s Shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Can Coolers
  • Bumper & Circle Stickers
  • Performance Polos
  • Tumblers
  • Much more!