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Create and manage unlimited political fundraising pages in minutes.

Revv’s easy-to-use platform makes political fundraising website page creation a breeze. We offer many options for custom branding that matches your campaign’s identity with control over colors, photos, layout, fields, and domain name.  You can even customize how your page will display on mobile or Facebook and Twitter to optimize your marketing efforts.

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Political Contribution Limits & Disclaimers

Revv allows you to set global contribution limits to ensure your donors don’t surpass FEC, state, or local restrictions. Disclaimers are completely configurable for your campaign including where and how they are displayed. Employer fields can be simply be added with  one click or you can use custom fields for any additional information that your local jurisdiction requires

Revv One-Click Mobile Donations

One-Click Donations

Revv can automatically recognize users that have donated across any organizations using the platform. Your supporters can donate using a single click resulting in astronomically higher conversion rates. Revv has over 1 million one-click donors.

Upsell Your Donors

Our data shows 15% of your political donors will accept an upsell, you just have to ask! With Revv you can easily ask your supporters to donate more, add a product, or make their donation recurring.

Revv Donation and Fundraising Dashboard

Marketing Automation

Revv’s easy-to-use dashboard and integrations allow your campaign or PAC to automate many of the tasks associated with marketing, resulting in less work and higher rates of donor conversions and retention.

Host rallies or sell campaign swag?

Revv makes event creation and product sales incredibly easy. Upload your event details and specify ticket prices for events in no time. Our product features allow you to create variations like sizes. Both page types have a feature that encourages your supporters to make an additional donation after their initial action.

Event Features Product Features

Take control over your data and reporting.

Revv makes reporting easy for your finance or compliance team. Start with customizable fields and columns and filter the data however you want. Set up automated reporting that can be emailed or uploaded to FTPs on a custom schedule. You can even pull a reconciliation report that shows your bank account payouts and the associated transactions.

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