The Donation Platform That Integrates With Crowdskout CRM

Revv has the best Crowdskout integration allowing your donation data to be collected, analyzed and acted on.

Enhance Crowdskout’s customer profiles with Revv donation data.

Crowdskout coupled with Revv’s integration allows your organization to see each donor’s full journey from marketing campaign to page-view through donation. Individual donors actions are tracked on Revv donation pages and pushed into Crowdskout with details like regular and recurring donation types and page initiatives. This gives your cause insight into each potential donor and allows you to segment them to take follow up action.

Use aggregate donation data for insights and measurement.

Revv sends Crowdskout page and campaign information along with donor actions so that you can see how your initiatives are doing. Seeing this data along with the rest of your marketing campaigns allows your organization to see the full picture with metrics about your supporters and initiative performance.

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