The emails you send to a supporter to solicit donations are where the rubber meets the road. It’s a good idea for you to sign up for different email lists to get inspiration for well-constructed emails. Figure out which emails get you to click and which get sent to the trash.

Every good email starts with an attention-grabbing subject line and sender name. Your supporter will decide whether to open or ignore your email based on the sender and what the subject line says. Since most of your recipients likely won’t open your email, the subject line and author are the most read elements of your email. Too often, they’re just afterthoughts.

Always take the time to draft 2-3 options for subject lines and sender names.

What makes a good subject line?

  • It communicates urgency – you have just a few seconds of attention from your supporters. They decide in a split second whether or not they’ll open your email.
  • It offers value – your supporter should expect to learn something new, like the results of the latest poll. Alternatively, warning your supporter of a potential loss or outrage drives them to act for you.
  • It evokes emotion – Triggering strong emotional reactions in your supporters can mean the difference between an open and an ignore.

Additional tips:

  • The best subject lines are the ones that work for you, not everyone else. Always test your subject lines and see what gets the best results.
  • Mix up the sender names to help your email stand out in the donor’s inbox.

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