Revv has implemented some notable new features. These tools are designed to maximize donations and donor interactions with your content while making life easier for your digital marketing team.

Abandoned Cart:

During the donation process, Revv’s technology captures a donor’s information (name, email address, etc). If a donor leaves your page before completing their donation, the email address is added as an “Abandoned Cart” lead and Revv can automatically sends an email to rescue the donor within 20-30 minutes. Use this tool to bring back potentially lost donations. 

You can learn more about abandoned carts here

SMS Reply to Donate 

According to a report commissioned by SinglePoint titled Conversational Advertising, 90% of all text messages are read within the first 3 minutes of being received. That kind of immediate attention can play a huge role in maximizing donor interaction with your content and donation asks.

By integrating with Opn Sesame and Tatango,  Revv created a platform where the over 1.2 million donors with Revv accounts can immediately donate to your cause by responding to a text message.

Mobile Opt-in: 

This powerful tool ensures allows your most passionate donors to opt-in to receive content and donation asks from your campaign or organization. By partnering with Tatango and Iterable, Revv employs sophisticated SMS shortcodes that allow donors with Revv accounts to opt-in via text message to receive content and donation asks from your campaign. After receiving the ask, donors with Revv accounts can respond by donating via text message. This tool ensures your donors see your content and can respond with a donation within minutes. The more interactions you have with your donor base, the more money you are able to raise and use to further your cause.

Spanish Pages: 

Almost 13 percent of the American population speaks Spanish, and that is expected to grow exponentially over the next 25 years. Revv built out Spanish Language pages to help expand your organization’s ability to reach more potential donors.  After toggling to “Spanish” under “Locale” your page will automatically be generated in Spanish by any donor who navigates to it.

You learn more about Spanish pages here