These days you do not need to be a big corporation to start your own ecommerce business. With the introduction of print on demand merchandise, small businesses are flourishing.

Why are print on demand businesses so popular?
By sending an item to print only once it has been ordered means you are not paying to carry inventory. Along with not having to worry about inventory, you will not feel the wrath of minimum order requirements.

Want to test out new designs each month? With a print on demand solution that’s possible!

By far the biggest lure is the lack of risk you take. You pay and get paid when an item is purchased. That’s it.

How do I get started?

Think you have a great design idea that breaks the mold from what’s out there? Then it’s time for you to get started!

1. Decide what you want to sell: Ensure your product/design is different and new, do your research to see if it’s selling anywhere else.

2. Create your store: Set-up a Revv account and start choosing what products you want to see your design on. Pass along your design files and we will create mocks for you.

3. Promote your store: Put together a marketing plan to help drive people to your website. Consider promoting your products on search and social platforms.

4. Optimize: Don’t forget to optimize both your marketing tactics and your designs the more you learn what has the highest conversion rate.

Think you’re ready to get started? Reach out to the team at Revv to discuss setting up your account and to get the latest catalog of available products.