When starting your first online store, it’s not only important to create a compelling design but to create a design that will work with your product and color selection. Revv wants to see your designs succeed just as much as you do, in order to help you get there, we have pulled together some best practices.

  1. Less is More: Simple color schemes tend to print cleaner and more consistently between each product. Keep your designs simple when you can.
  2. Pantone Perfect: Design from the Pantone solid coated book, as it is a universal color guide that we will be able to best match, ensuring a high-quality print job.
  3. Product Placement: Keep in mind the products you are designing for. Most art will translate nicely to products like a t-shirt or tote bag, but it will likely need to be resized/reworked for a zip-up hoodie or hat.
  4. Drop Shadows & Effects: We recommend straying away from drop shadows and glows when designing for direct to garment printing. Prior to printing a white base layer of ink is applied to the product, shadows and glow effects can come out looking hazy or pixelated
  5. Size Matters: The printing area will vary by product so be sure to resize accordingly for your products. For example, if you have a square shaped design and you are printing for bumper stickers, you will need to design for a more rectangle print space to mitigate unprinted white space.

We hope you find these tips helpful when considering designs for your print on demand store. Think you’re ready to get started? Click here to get started for free today!