Revv’s abandoned cart functionality is an important tool to rescue donors who don’t complete the process. This will help boost your conversion rates and no longer loose donors – as everyone knows how successful this technique is in the eCommerce world. Sometimes users abandon donation forms before finishing but now you can trigger emails or events to happen if we’ve captured their email address.  We’ve given you two ways to use this functionality – through our native email system or through Iterable.

How It Works:

  • Donor begins filling out a donation form or product page
  • As soon as the donor enters an amount and email address, Revv stores it
  • If the donor does not complete the process, the email address is added as an “Abandoned Cart” lead
  • Donors can receive an email 20-30 minutes after abandonment by using Revv’s email template OR you can use your Iterable integration to build sophisticated workflows

How To Use It:
Revv’s Abandoned Cart Email Template

  • Go to Organization Settings > Emails
  • Click the green plus button to add a new email template type and select “Abandoned Cart”
  • Edit the copy to your liking.
  • Merge parameters “-amount-” and “-product_name-” can be used. eg. $5 (-amount-) donation (-product_name-)
  • Email will send to donors

Iterable Integration

  • As soon as a donor fills out amount and email address – that information is sent to Iterable as an updateCart event (see!/commerce)
  • If the donor completes the process they are sent as a tracked purchase (!/commerce/trackPurchase)
  • Set up a workflow that starts on the update cart event, waits an amount of time to see a tracked purchase, and if there is no purchase you can set off a series of abandoned cart emails