Revv is obsessed with boosting conversion rates and we want to highlight 5 features that are showing big lift in donation amounts and conversions before end-of-month campaigns!

1. Countdowns

Urgency works! Make sure your donors know that time is running out for a specific deadline by inserting a countdown on your donation page or upsells using Revv’s Widgets.

2. SMS Reply To Donate using P2P!

Peer to Peer Text Messaging is the breakout new star of political campaigns and direct response marketing. 90% of recipients open text messages within 5 minutes! Donors can now reply to Opn Sesame’s P2P text messages and donate seamlessly. Revv validates the donor and processes using their secure account without any effort!

Learn More about Revv & Opn Sesame!

3. Enhanced Upsells

You already know how effective upsells can be but we’ve made them even more impactful! Enhanced Upsells give you the ability to create a more focused and in-your-face user experience through use of a GIF or image.

4.  Matching Multiplier

Generate urgency and donor-buy in with Matching Multiplier functionality. Use in conjunction with a matching donation campaign to show your supporters the real impact of their gift! Total Impact value updates automatically as donors choose a donation amount! Choose a match up to 10x!

5. Shotclocks

Even more urgency! Shotclocks start counting down when the donor arrives on your donation page or upsell. Use this to reward the donor with a free hat, sticker, or name on a specific donor roll if they take action quickly.