Do your donors feel like they’re part of your fundraising progress or is your donation flow leaving them on the outside? Is your team accurately tracking the real-time progress of your marketing campaigns?

Revv’s new feature-set does initiatives, goals, and thermometers the way power fundraisers have always dreamed about. Here’s how:

1. You set both internal and external goal levels. External goals can automatically bump up higher if they are reached.

Urgency works! Make sure your donors know that time is running out for a specific deadline by inserting a countdown on your donation page or upsells using Revv’s Widgets.

Internal goals show your team how they are doing with fundraising or lead generation.

External goal levels show your donors how your fundraising campaigns or petition drives are going – and when multiple external goals are set it will automatically show a higher goal level if one is reached. You can even boost the amount raised to account for offline fundraising.

2. You can set goals for fundraising, petition signers, merchandise sales, total revenue, event signups and more!

3. POWER USER FEATURE: You define goal initiatives by UTM tags, pages, or globally to match your marketing campaigns.

Your various goals will only display on pages you set or the exact combination of UTM tags you define. This is extremely powerful as you build out marketing campaigns targeting different groups of donors with tailored asks and matching goals.

4. HIGH IMPACT: You can set goals for a donor individually.

You can set a goal for each donor specifically that overrides the page’s goal by using URL parameters. When the donor sees that they met or exceeded their personal goal they get a visual indicator! This is a much more advanced version of the “your suggested donation.”

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